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AVEVA™ Flex Subscription

Complete flexibility in purchasing, accessing and deploying the AVEVA industrial software portfolio

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Our Commitment to Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation

The AVEVA Flex subscription program allows you to have complete flexibility in how you purchase, design, and use your industrial software. Removing the traditional barriers to software adoption, customers are empowered to leverage leading technologies and respond to evolving market demands quicker.

The Transition to Subscription

Offering complete flexibility in how you purchase, design and optimise your industrial software. AVEVA Flex subscription options give you access to our comprehensive software portfolio and transformative technologies.

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The Benefits of Subscription

Subscription offers the simplicity and flexibility to acquire the rights to use and continually receive updates to software innovations. For many customers subscription licensing will make good business sense.

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A New Era in Flexibility and Autonomy

AVEVA’s industry- leading industrial software is now available in a rage of feature-rich subscription options, giving you complete flexibility in the procurement, design, management and utilisation of your industrial control systems.

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